Shade of Pain

You are sitting here right now basking in my shade,

You’re everything I’m not supposed to want.

 Which means you’re all that I think about.

 I have played this scenario out a million times.  

You come,  you talk,  you bare to me your all,  

You tell me how you feel and I tell you I feel the same. 

But all I am doing is waiting,

Waiting for the time I will make you mine,

Every time I give you shade,

I am rooting for what you have to fail, 

It’s such a pity,  

You want my ear to listen to,  

You want my warmth when you are cold,  

You want my joy when you are sad,  

But at the end of it all, 

 You leave me alone, my pain your joy,

 I am just your shade when it is too hot to play.  



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