Tribute: Baby Micah

I felt his heartbeat under my breast,

I felt his kicks to the beat of my heart,

I felt his love long before he knew the word,

I rocked him to sleep as he went round and round in the womb, 

I bought him a bib and it’s cuteness didn’t come cheap,

I bought him a crib, 

Now I rock it with grief, 

Singing lullabies as I weep,

We sang for him a little star, 

He was to twinkle in my sky,

He was mine, he is mine,

Denied at the last dime,

They say heaven gained an angel,

But they never asked if you had a name,

But I know your name,

So be still my little Micah,

Sleep well in the abyss, 

so deep I cannot reach,

You had to rest before you had a chance to live. 




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