My Princess.

Flash Fiction2Photo provided by TJ Paris.


The bell rang, he finished his shaojiu with one swig.

It was not hard to know what to do with the princess. She was a wild girl and never listened to anyone, let alone me.

He was supposed to keep her safe but she always found a way to run amok .

She didn’t understand how much danger she put his life in every time she digressed. He was supposed to be her sole protector, that was his job.

The Khan would surely have his head if anything happened to her. He feared more what would happen to him once the princess growing womb was discovered. Probably a fate much worse than death awaited them. 

It will be much easier to say she wandered into the forest and got lost, nobody would be surprised, given she always escaped her quarters.

The search will find her floating somewhere down stream mostly bitten by flesh-eating eels.

Unlike his princess, his end will be swift and painless.

Being beheaded, he heard, is the best way to go.


16 thoughts on “My Princess.

  1. Great story! So sad that she wasn’t able to watch over and keep the Princess safe and now it is to her own demise. Your writing really pulls me into the story and keeps me hanging on every word!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha that’s actually a very good perspective! I hadn’t looked at it that way. It is a he and he may or may not have made the princess pregnant and he may or may not be wondering what his options are.


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