He is a little Frail but he is okay most of the times. He finds it a bit difficult to sleep, He is burdened by our deeds. I always ask him to come and join me, to be free. He never answers, he just stares at the wall, but I know he considers it. People seem to have given up on us. Nobody talks to us anymore. It’s just him and I against the world.

There was this one girl though, she was very persistent. She wanted to break us apart. I sat him down and told him things, gave him reasons why she would not be good for us. But she was good, very good, better than the others. She told him things like, “I am just in his head”. But he knew I was real. He could see me. Just because she couldn’t, didn’t make me any less real. But then He started ignoring my whisper in his ear. Then He stopped listening.

For ten years I sat in my corner, watching, taunting, playing, waiting patiently. Two little humans came into our lives, boys, and with them the sign I had been waiting for. I knew sooner or later he will come back around. He never did handle pressure well. When he came to me crying, I welcomed him with open arms, he knew he had to make it up to me, I gladly showed him how.

When they locked us up, the mound in the garden had already gone down. With it the last trace of the one person who kept us apart for ten long years.

Sometimes I leave him in our little cell and fly away to watch over them.

The boys are okay,

They see me,

Soon I will take them out to play.


4 thoughts on “Insanity

  1. Joy, your writing is wonderful. Your stories really grab my attention. I would guess, the guy in this story heard voices and the voices in his head told him to kill his family. I’m actually inspired by you. I don’t often write fiction pieces and I can honestly say I’ve written a few pieces lately because of you. Thanks for writing.

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    1. Wow, this is an amazing comment to read bright an early on a cold morning. I am glad that I have been able to touch you in this way. The thing about fiction writting is that the more you write, the better you get. I am also still learning so let’s grow together. PS: you are right about the story 😉

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