Dust to Dust

There was sand as far as he could see. He was half baked, half scotched, fully dehydrated. They didn’t give him any water, it was all part of the deal, walk or die. His girlfriend, the girl who was the love of his life had died earlier. Finaly they were free, the torture was over. He had been raped a dozen times, he had lost count. He could barely feel the muscles around his sphincter now. He had been stretched beyond reason with things and people. The first time he bit his lip and tried to think of other things, but the pain, taunts and their creativity started becoming unbearable so all the other times he just cried.

His spirit ached for her more than his body burned, He had not seen her since they were taken, one day she was brought but they never let him touch her or look at her, it was too dark anyway and his eyes were swollen from the beatings. He thought he heard her voice in the next room the following day. He didnt know what they were doing to her, he could only imagine, her screams still echoed in his brain down into his bones.She kept muttering “Don’t tell them anything, We will get out of this.”  He pounded the door, promised that he would give them all the information they wanted if they would just let her live. After a while she was deathly still and her mutterings were no more. He gave them everything but she never came back.

Today he was woken up roughly and thrown behind a truck, he was taken to the edge of this Desert and told to chose, he chose to walk. There was sand as far as he could see. Burdened by his injuries, lack of sleep and grief, ten minutes felt like days. Any tear he shed dried before it left its pot. He thought this choice was a bad idea as he looked back.He couldn’t see anything definate, just a mirage of figures. Maybe if he had taken a closer look he would have seen, he would have known.

“That is far enough”, She said.

He felt something whizz past his ear.

The next one didn’t miss.



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