The clown in the sea.  

One day out, 

swimming in the sea, I saw a clown on a tree, 

Quite a curious thing to see,

A clown on a tree, in the middle of the sea, 

The clown was on his knee, 

He looked up high in a pose like a devotee, something on him buzzed like a bee, 

While I wondered what was his deal, 

He noticed me and smiled with glee, 

Would you like to know where you head, Lone swimmer in the sea?

Quite weird for a clown on a tree,  in the middle of the sea, To be able to foresee,  

I said okay,  I give you a guess or maybe three,

He said all he saw for me,  was the bottom of the sea,

Oh dear clown you are a liar,  that must surely be False ,

Suddenly all I saw was the red of a referee, 

It took me less than a moment to feel, 

That I was drowning in the sea, 

And the clown now too blurry to see, 

Had damed me to a watery grave,

I woke up with a sweat,  and I felt all wet, 

I jumped off the bed to see,  that in my sleep I had peed, 

Quite a curious thing to dream, 

A clown on a tree, 

In the middle of the sea.  


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