Cloudy with a hint of rain,

A small drizzle that makes one slightly wet,

That feeling when you know,

You are going to cry,

but they are standing right there,

So you bite back the tears and smile.


Cloudy so cold it chills the bone,

That feeling of hurt that goes so deep,

You feel your bones cracking,

A tear might escape its place,

but it freezes on its way down,

A small crystal, the ghost of tears almost shed.


Cloudy, darky, heavy…

A storm is coming,

You can feel the weight of it,

and you know that it must pass,

So you curl up in a corner,

and let nature take its course.




2 thoughts on “Cloudstlife

  1. Stunning. Yes, sometimes curling up and waiting it out is the best course of action – all storms pass… And just so you know, your tag line touches me, wakes something up in me, every time I visit your blog. It’s such a powerful reminder. Hugs, Harula x

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