We are all so wet inside,

Inside us all Water flows,

We are but a series of pipes,

Recycling fluid within us,

Keeping us alive,

Keeping us sane,

Making us function,

But when we are asked to conserve,

Take care of what we have left,

We say that is the governments’ job.


7 thoughts on “Wet.

      1. My point is, we should not just sit and wait for someone to do something. Be the change you want to see in the world. We have a proverb in My Country which loosely translates to “small small makes big”


  1. I’m a big fan of doing things instead of waiting for others to do it for me. We all have to do our part in order to see a change. If we don’t, we may have nothing to call home. I love not having a car. We take public transportation or walk. Plant a flower, pick up a piece of paper, use your own reusable grocery bags. Every little bit helps. I loved the poem.

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