Turning Point

She had been sitting at the same spot for 13 hours. The house was in disarray and the mess was unimaginable. She has always been a clean freak and the whole thing just sort of made her sick. However, what hurt her most was her 50 inch screen shattered on the floor. Oh how much she would have loved watching movies on that screen. It had been hers for exactly two days. The exact same amount of time she had known him. She met him at the store across the street from her apartment when she finally decided to go out and get herself a flat screen TV.

His blue eyes just popped out of nowhere and drew her in. She could literally feel the vibration of her blood rushing through her veins. She had gone for the 21 inch but the way he talked and teased, she found herself spending three times more than she had budgeted for that day.

“I can come help you set up”, He said. How could she refuse, how could she resist. The TV was barely plugged in when they succumbed to the pleasures known to all species. At the end, she felt empty. Fist because he left immediately she went into the bathroom to clean up and two because he left with her TV.

She ran immediately back to the store.

“Your employee has stolen from me!!!” She screamed.

“Which employee”, the manager asked.

“The one who carried my TV as we left the store! The one who helped me Pick it!”

The manager looked shocked then bemused, ‘That guy isn’t our employee, and didn’t he come in with you? We thought you were together”. He said.

“No, he said he worked here and will help me set up… We went to my house… and… “, She stopped. How could she say what had happened. Respectable women are not supposed to do that. She will be judged!

“Madam”, the manager prompted.

She kept quiet.

“Should we call the police”, He asked.

“No”. She walked out of the store, distraught.

He knew this, that blue eyed monster knew he would get away with it because she can’t say what really happened. She walked slowly home. Angry, Ashamed, Forlorn, Alone. She had been played, and that never ended up well for the other party.

She had an uneasy sleep that night. That charge on her credit card kept haunting her. She woke up and went outside to sit on her balcony that was her favorite spot to read but not today. She scanned the block, it was barely dawn but it was bright enough to see clearly. She scanned a few pages of her Psychology notes and it just wasn’t working, she stood up. Going clean, going back to school sounded much easier in theory.

Just as she was going back in, something happened, at the corner of her eye. She saw him! Big box in hand crossing the street. She put on her scarf, felt into her coat pocket and ran out, thank God for being on the first floor. “He must have been hiding somewhere in this building, brilliant SOB” She thought. That getaway had been too fast even for her.

She prayed that the red light waited for her and it did. He was still there when she got out. He crossed the street and she followed him slowly silently praying that he doesn’t not get into a car. He walked briskly and she struggled to keep up.

He turned into a narrow street, she peaked and saw him draw a ladder. He didn’t look around, she guessed he didn’t think anyone would be following him. She saw him get off on second floor. She tiptoed quickly up the stair and was just in time to see the room he went into. She went up to the door and knocked. He opened the door.  “Hi”, she said, “I believe you have something of mine”. First he had a look of surprise, then familiarity, then shock. The chloroform spray hit him hard before he could respond.

That was 13 hours ago. His blue eyes still looked at her but the sparkle was gone. His body was slumped on the chair where she had tied him and gave him the ride of his life with her small hunting knife. One year of holding the urge, she let him have it all.

She had vowed that she will never go back to this life again but well, fate has a way of throwing assholes down your path.

She made the call.

“Finally”, a voice answered.

“It’s time to Rebuild the House”, she said.

“Welcome back Sadic Sally”,

She hung up.

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