I refuse to Hate!

I understand,

That you hate the color of my skin,

That the deepness of it gives you the jives,

That the gleam of it in the sun,

Makes your stomach turn.


I understand,

That you hate the way that I dress,

That my makeup makes you wanna throw up,

That the fabric on me makes you weep,

And makes you want to rip it off.


I understand,

That you hate the size of my body,

That the flabs makes your eyes floody,

That at my bare bones you find disgust,

And it makes you wish I was gone.


I understand,

That you hate the way that I Love,

That my lips on them makes you cringe,

That the thought of us touching,

Gives you sleepless nights.


I understand,

That the language you understand is hate,

That hate is so innate,

You will find fault in all that you see,

And it makes me so sick.


I understand,

That change must start with me,

So I will not hate, I refuse to hate,

I will not hate you,

Just because you hate me.





6 thoughts on “I refuse to Hate!

  1. Nice poetry!
    I would love to share with you a loving news – There are still many in this world who love. If you look at this small room of one word prompt you’ll find how almost everyone conveyed their understanding of love for all regardless of one’s color or sexual orientation. 🙂


  2. I love the whispers of the wind all common to belief, in times our minds may dream to find and seek such cool relief. Our wisdom’s bound within such purpose candid thoughts remain, our stars are distant to such light their sight is to remain.

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