In the name of my god…

Severed limbs, 

cut off in the name of my god,

burned, beaten, brutalized, 

because I chose to believe a certain way,

sometimes I wonder, is it worth the trouble,

Is it worth the blood shed to hold on to a belief,

to make people believe in what you want them to believe? 

why is it that religion has all through history spread through the blood of others?

It is said that after the martyrdom at Namgongo in Uganda in 1886, Christianity spread like wild-fire in East Africa.

Every 3 June, Christians from East Africa and other parts of the world come to Namugongo to celebrate the lives of these young men who died for their faith. 

I feel that they just died in vain… 

I took these pictures during a tour of the shrine, some of them are graphic illustrations.